Sharemed - WP3.1 Developing a relocatable high resolution short-term forecasting system for the marine environment

During the period August 2021 - February 2022 the operational implementation of the high resolution modelling system (i.e., coupled MITgcm-BFM) for the northern Adriatic Sea has been tuned and stabilized: 3-day forecasts are currently produced on a daily basis (TRL between 6 and 7).

Model results are published on the Sharemed web-portal and on a dedicated webpage

The whole modeling chain is available on public GitHub repositories, in particular:

Figure above: Schematic of the Sharemed modeling system: from the development of the relocatable model for the northern Adriatic study site (WP3.1), to the testing on the Sicily Channel (WP4.5) and the transfer to the north-western Mediterranean Sea on 3 selected transnational coastal areas (WP5.1).