SHAREMED Summer School in Lisbon!

Included in the WP5- Transfering of the SHAREMED project, IPMA has organized the SHAREMED Summer School in Lisbon.

The main theme of the school was: 

Tools, data bases and knowledge to address and assess pollution and environmental threats in Mediterranean waters and included:

  1. lectures on environmental threats and observing systems developed in and for the Mediterranean area;
  2. offered opportunities for working on real data and the developed assessment procedures and case studies;
  3. hands-on in sampling and lab work to promote mutual knowledge transfer.

Participants from the Mediterranean region including Portugal, as young researchers and PhD students, Post-docs, Master and undergraduate students.

The SS had participants of ten different nationalities, all of them working or studying in the Mediterranean area and in Portugal.

During a discussion session conducted by Prof. Aldo Drago and the SS organising committee, several important messages to better protect the marine ecosystem services for the future generations were presented. 

The video can be found on this LINK.