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Sharing and enhancing capabilities to address environmental threats in Mediterranean sea


SHAREMED focuses on increasing the capabilities to assess and address hazards related to pollution and environmental threats in Mediterranean transnational waters.


This goal will be achieved by sharing knowledge, observations and technologies as well as building common frameworks, tools and services to assess and possibly forecast impacts of environmental threats to the marine ecosystems. Different sites will follow a common procedure but can focus on different aspects and environmental threats, depending on the site and size specificity.


The project will focus on selected causes of environmental hazard to be chosen in agreement with stakeholders and regional strategies among pollution, changes in trophic regime, weather/climate changes.


Our work


Studying explores potentials of several promising techniques to improve the  observing and assessing capabilities of physical and biological properties of the marine system.

The goal of Studying is to provide tools for a more rapid and accurate assessment of marine states and potential impact of environmental threats.

We will capitalise on the results of previous projects and will provide input to "Testing" and "Capitalising" where the technological maturity of Studying will be assessed and tested.


To test the potential of SHAREMED's approach in enhancing evaluation capabilities and supporting governance framework, several test sites have been selected. Each test site is a representative of different physical conditions present in the Mediterranean.

Besides the Mediterranean as a whole, our test sites consist of the Northwest Mediterranean, the North Adriatic and the Sicily Channel.

We will capitalise on previous project results and on "Studying" results and will provide inputs for "Transferring" and "Capitalisation".



Capitalisation is a cross cutting activity involving mainstreaming project results to deliver practices, recommendations and guidelines, conductive to long-term strategies, contributing to transnational governance, implementation of EU directives and supporting EU and networking initiatives.

A specialised series of workshops will be held to mainstream results and contribute to developing roadmaps the future system of observing systems. The previously performed capitalisation activities will be put under an overaching umbrella within a governance structure and a comprehensive, targeted scope.

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SHAREMED Partnership

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Lead Partner: 

OGS, Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale - Italy


Project Partners:

Valenciaport Foundation for Research, Promotion and Commercial Studies of the Valencian regionSpain

National Institute of BiologySlovenia

University of Montenegro, Institute for marine biologyMontenegro

CSIC - Institute of Marine SciencesSpain

AIX - Marseille University, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography - France

University of Malta, Physical Oceanography Research Group (Dept. of Geosciences)Malta

Intermodal Transport ClusterCroatia

Portuguese Institute of Sea and AtmospherePortugal

LaMMA Consortium, Environmental Monitoring and Modelling Laboratory for Sustainable Development - Division of OceanographyItaly

Project Duration


Starting date:                              Ending date:

01.10.2019                                      30.06.2022

Project Numbers

Project budget in €


ERDF funding in €


IPA funding in €



Italy - 2 Partners

Spain - 2 Partners

Slovenia - 1 Partner

Montenegro - 1 Partner

France - 1 Partner

Malta - 1 Partner

Croatia - 1 Partner

Portugal - 1 Partner


The SHAREMED Capitalisation Group met online today to discuss two main topics – the Transnational On Demand Actions, and the National Capitalisation Group activities.

A Steering Committee and Study-Site online meeting was held today, 9th June 2021 for SHAREMED.

the 10th Interreg MED PCG meeting was held on 26th of May 2021, and it brought news on the new Euro-MED 2021-2027 programme.



Methods will be available soon.


Tools will be available soon


Lead Partner:
OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale)

Communication manager:
Intermodal Transport Cluster


Network will be available soon

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